Kyle's Wilderness Photography
In God's wildness lies the hope of the world - the great fresh unblighted, unredeemed wilderness. - John Muir
Ordering Artwork
I use exclusively film to capture moments in nature. A large format camera is predominantly the instrument I use, which with the exception of the optics is basically the same camera that was used to capture the first images of wilderness in the 1800's. It requires significant skill acquired over many years of experience to bottle a moment of time on film. I have only one small interval of time to capture a moment in nature, and I consider each successful capture as my form of original artwork. There are no second chances, and after many years of perfecting my art, I still enjoy the anxiety I feel before developing film.

For those interested in purchasing pieces of high quality fine art nature photography, I sell archival pigment prints on fine art rag. The artwork you are purchasing is gallery quality and is considered an original piece of art.

Currently there is not a formal ordering process for artwork. If you are interested in ordering a piece of artwork, please contact me with the id number, along with the desired size.

Kyle's Wilderness Photography
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