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In God's wildness lies the hope of the world - the great fresh unblighted, unredeemed wilderness. - John Muir
There are numerous factors that influence a person's direction in life. Both the good and bad environments have influenced my direction. Nearly every person met and known by another, whether perceived as good or bad, shapes a life and influences their behaviors. However there are those few individuals that contribute significantly to influencing a person's life. Without that significant influence, outcomes would undoubtingly be different. Here are a few people and environments that have significantly influenced who I am today.

  • Mom, Dad and Immediate Family -- I was raised on the family homestead in the mountains of western North Carolina. A bit of the 'good ole days' in the middle of a modern society. My old fashioned up-bringing instilled in me an acute sense for nature and a high powered work ethic. I thank my mother and father for teaching me "how to learn" and passing on to me the appreciation of nature.
  • Coaches and Teachers -- Societies budgets has greatly diminished the value of a great coach or teacher. I was fortunate enough as a boy to have great baseball and football coaches that have significantly influenced my life. Thanks for the trips to Dots Dario only if we won, and for drawing the line in the sand against small odds. I have had numerous categories of teachers growing up. Whether it was scouts, english teacher in high school, or a professor in college, my teachers inspired and motivated me to always keep learning.
  •  Caryn Martin -- My wife has always been supportive of my love for capturing light and nature on film. I would like to thank her for allowing all our extra money to be spent on photography adventures. Thanks for waking up early in the morning with me, sometimes as early as 3:00 AM, to catch that sunrise in sub-zero degree temperatures, or wait hours for the perfect light even on a cloudy day. Love you always.
  • John Fielder -- Without the inspiration of John Fielder's books and photographs, I would not have been able to capture many of the photographs seen on this website. Thanks, John, for inspiring me to become more intimate with nature, and "seeing the light". Thanks for the times we have spent in the field together, it has truly been worth it. And thanks for being such as strong advocate for the environment.

  • I would also like to thank all that have helped review the website.             

Kyle's Wilderness Photography
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